The Clan Mackenzie

History and Clan

Castle Leod is rich in history and tradition, ‘dulchas’ is the Gaelic word for this sense of heritage.


The Mackenzies, a powerful clan of Celtic stock, were not among the clans that originated from Norman ancestry.

Descendants of the long defunct royal Cenél Loairn of Dál Riata, they are believed to be related to Clan Matheson and Clan Anrias. All three descend from the 12th century Gill’Eòin of the Aird. Based initially in Kintail, the clan was recorded at Eilean Donan on Loch Duich, a stronghold with which it was for many centuries associated.

The present clan chief is John Ruaridh Grant Mackenzie, 5th Earl of Cromartie.

‘We shine not burn’ is the clan motto.

As the seat of an ancient Scottish clan, Castle Leod is the focus of the bonds that span the world and for many people it is part of their identity and gives a sense of family and belonging.

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